Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Mummy: Tom Cruise?

 A couple days after it came out, I went to see the new Mummy movie. I was dubious about restarting the franchise...or continuing it, however you wanted to look at it. And I was especially doubtful of Tom Cruise as a main character. Cruise is a great actor--I just don't think he fits every action movie.

  What I have to say about the movie pretty much is that it was a bad movie--but it really amused me. What intrigued me most was that they didn't force Cruise as a hero. He really wasn't--he was a self serving thief who sometimes did something right.

  The imagery was cool in a lot of scenes, but the storyline itself was a big weird. They took weird elements they wanted to add to the movie and while I was impressed and greatly amused at one of them, I can't say it worked incredibly well. I won't spoil it for you in this post, so I won't go into great detail. My primary reason being Henry...the most interesting tool in the storyline, but perhaps too strange and awkward of one, considering the setting.

  Ahmanet was interesting, in that her appearance was cool...her presence was sometimes just a little chilling, but I was more intrigued than anything. However I dislike part of her storyline. In the original Mummy, the villain was a priest come back almost as a god to wreck havoc on the world. Ahmanet is a freaking bride of a coming god. Good grief why does she have to be a bride? Why couldn't she be in the impersonation of a goddess? Or the making of a new one? Why does she have to be a bride, a lesser evil? And sure I'm sure some anti-feminists, etc., will comment on this but I'm just saying. (Personally I don't give myself any labels). I don't think ultimate female power has to always be catered to, but in this case I dislike Ahmanet being the lesser evil. Less cool. It doesn't serve the legacy of the movies. I was so looking for something better. I suppose this was used because of Cruise's storyline, but I thought it took too much off the first movie, only in reverse. I would have liked to see more creativity in this area. You understand why it only got a 16% on Rotten Tomatoes.

  And the whole story arc of Tom Cruise's character Nick (Jake Johnson's character Chris was funny because in his role on New Girl, his character is named Nick, so hearing him call someone else that name, with his particular voice, was funny) was kinda awkward. It was interesting in some ways, but mostly weird. Especially the end. I didn't really buy it. It just seemed like a way to carry on the series. And not in a way that will best serve the franchise. And Ahmanet's end was way too easy. Please. Give us a better bad guy, if you're going to try to keep going with this.

  Overall I'd give this movie 3 out of 10. The effects looked cool, the villain looked cool in a lot of it, but story was just not well executed. But I will say a big thank you to the makers for not pushing the whole hero arc with Cruise. They didn't even pretend he was one. He was just a guy, caught up in madness. So thank you for that one. It added a little bit of reality to the whole shebang. So at least there's that.

  ~ Elora Shore

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  1. Too bad about the movie. I didn't expect it to be great, but I was hoping it would be decent. Disappointed to hear that the girl is the lesser evil too -- and I don't consider myself at all feminist, but if she's the villain we look foward to seeing then she shouldn't be overshadowed by someone else! I still vaguely want to see the movie, but my expectations keep shrinking. Great review! :)

    1. Thanks! I'd wait for the dollar show to see it. It's amusing, but not the awesomeness we'd hope for. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing it again for the funny parts.

  2. Oh dear, so it really IS that terrible?

    I'm not surprised, though, the trailer left me feeling MEH.

    1. Yes. I was torn on it when I saw the trailer, but as a Mummy fan I still wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. But yes. Very cheesy movie. I respect the...leaps they tried to take with it in some respects, but honestly it just didn't work. Still made me laugh.