Monday, June 5, 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review~ Finally!

Well it's about freaking time! I've been so excited about the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I meant to see it when it came out, but I took an impromptu trip with the family, so I was more than happy to miss it. But before I get ahead of myself, spoiler alert! I'm going to be babbling about the whole movie, including all the juicy bits you don't want to know yet. Come back when you've watched the movie and tell me what you think!

  To me, this is the movie we would have liked to see after the third installment. There were a few amusing things about the fourth, but it wasn't a great story. I think it goes to say that Jack Sparrow is definitely the best at what he does--being the side  character that infuses the story, not being the main man. Sure we love seeing him--but seeing him move along the storylines of other characters seems to be his real calling. He is the calling bird to the lives we wish we could have.

  I LOVED that the beginning was carried by the oath of Henry Turner swearing to free his father. It just makes so much sense to carry the story this way. Infusing it with the characters that originally made it great, or at least the continuing story. It's the family tradition to go to Jack for help. And being disgusted with him, and under-enthused. One thing I didn't really care for was how they threw Corina's character in there without much explanation. At least a very meager one. They rushed with introducing her character, and getting the new "troupe" together. Overall though, it was still an amusing beginning, with a particularly memorable "almost" hanging and beheading. That will go down as one of my favorite scenes in the series.  Arguing about who should go first with last words, who was getting it worse--and in one of those fantastically absurd moments Jack is repeatedly at the seesaw mercy of the guillotine. Man I was dying. This movie definitely has much of the tone I was hoping for in the fourth film.

  One thing I didn't really like was that I felt so much of the characters' backstory was told through dialogue. Some f it I liked, part of it felt stilted, but for Corina the eventual payoff was actually great. The way that it happened was beautiful. Barbossa's daughter? Really? And a scientist to boot. Just the effect on Barbossa was beautiful. And the story of Salazar's rage, his curse, and the making of Jack Sparrow--that was great! A fitting origin story for them both.

  Dead Men Tell No Tales was a nice addition. Not as smooth as the originals, but worlds better than the fourth. And while I thought that this was going to be the final installment, they've actually left the door open for another story, with the original characters. Because yes, they succeed in freeing Will, and reuniting the whole family. And Corina and Henry? Well what would you expect to happen? I am thoroughly happy with this story. I just pray that it isn't the last--I am a strong believer in the possibilities of this series. Regardless of what happens, this movie both sets the stage, and gives us closure. Well done.

  Oh, and one last thing. Since the theater lights went back on I figured there was no end credits scene. Well there was, and I was able to find it. I won't say anything (except of how much I love Will embracing Elizabeth in sleep--oh the sweetness!) just enjoy. And give a big thanks to janzwing for providing it.


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