Friday, April 14, 2017

The Last Jedi ~ Star Wars 8 Official Trailer

  It's out everybody! So happy right now I actually might be in a good mood when I go to work. I'm really liking this trailer--but before I delve into it, here's the vid:

  Ok first off. The cinematography looks so freaking awesome. I have a gut feeling that this movie will be beautifully made, whether or not the story disappoints us. Second of all, I'm actually happy Abrams won't be doing this movie--don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of most of his movies, but I thought Force Awakens didn't have the gravity it needed to jumpstart the next films. There's a balance to the gravity and levity, and while I enjoy the movie immensely, I felt that it was too...made for teens. Let's put it that way. I don't know how to word it. What I was hoping for was something more of a blend of what Rogue One turned out to be, mixed with the healthy amount of levity. Awakens didn't have that gravitas--but The Last Jedi looks like it will definitely hit on it more. Rian Johnson, the director of Last Jedi, has been quoted as saying that this one will be more upbeat than Empire Strikes Back.

  There's a couple thoughts I have on that. It's been proven that before things get better, things get darker. It's all a part of a balance, especially in trilogies. So if they're going for another Awakens, in focusing a lot on levity and fun, I'm not going to be pleased. But if it has that sort of balance that The Two Towers did for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, that would be perfect. (Two Towers is the only movie that is a middle film, and that I like just as much as the others).

  It has been confirmed that Carrie Fisher's scenes will remain untouched. I'm so happy about that--as a diehard fan of the iconic character (and the actress herself! I'm still heartbroken) I couldn't be more overjoyed that they will leave her last performances as they are. Pure and untouched. We can at least have that. I'm very curious what her story arc in this movie will be.

  CBR has put forward some pretty fascinating theories about the upcoming film. It is definitely worth the watch! There are a couple other points that I will cover in a later post.

  ~Elora Carmen Shore

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