Sunday, February 5, 2017

Under the Tuscan Sun Movie Review ~ A Step Towards New Life

under the tuscan sun review

  Sometimes a day comes along where you it's fresh in the morning, (well late morning--late night=sleep in) and you get ready to enjoy another weekend day. And you just know that it's the day to watch that movie that has been on your netflix list for the better part of a year. The day just feels right.

  Under the Tuscan Sun. It is warm with heartbreak, and starting again. The warmth of life. Simplicity. Words, thoughts, exploration in starting over. New friendships are made, fears and happiness are shared. Life in the end is always about the people we meet, the memories we make, the things we discover every day. It is colorful, and mysterious, and fun. Rivers of regret and sadness run through our lives but there is so much color and rebirth. It is the simple things that keep on happening. And a lot of them just freaking funny. Life is bizarre. We keep building on it every day. What an adventurous roller coaster life is.

  Diane Lane plays a heartbroken divorcee who, to find a way to escape and start over, goes on a tour of Tuscany. Spurred by one of those spontaneous moments life throws at us, she literally gets off the bus in the middle of nowhere because she has seen the house that is to be hers. She felt drawn, and she took that tentative step forward, doing the unpredictable. And in just taking that spontaneous leap, she finds a new family, rebuilds an old Italian house, and makes a good life full of joy. Even after getting her heart broken again, she realizes still just how blessed she is. And still finds love. Goodness. I have to say my favorite part really is the end, when the old facet all of a sudden starts running with water, for the first time. It spreads over her floor, over her feet, and she marvels. Her cup has really run over.

  This movie was directed, screenwritten, and adapted by Audrey Wells from the book of the same name. I can't wait to see what else she has done. And see what the book is like.

  There was another post written by Travel Wine Chick, that I really appreciated as well. It's worth the read, sharing the parallels of the movie with her personal experience.