Friday, January 13, 2017

RIP Carrie Fisher ~ The First To Kick Ass

general carrie fisher

  I really don't know what to say about the death of Carrie Fisher. I was so crushed when I found out she had passed. She was my first female hero on tv--while most girls were busy just standing around looking pretty, Carrie Fisher showed me a character who had so much more to her than that. As a little kid, that was important. Getting to know who she was as a person through little things I heard online was fabulous--I've always wanted to meet her. I feel like she's been stolen from us. I need to read her books.
 Everyone knows how much of an influence her portrayal of Leia Organa was, how much of an advocate for mental illness and the perception of women in Hollywood she was. As an admirer of hers, I was very depressed when I heard she had died. Honestly, I can only say how she treated the character of Princess Leia effected me as a kid. I so admired her--she was my hero. I loved her moxie. Her command. Her womanliness. And that bikini looked like hell, but man, choking Jabba the Hutt to death must have felt so very satisfying. I'm glad she was so sarcastic about that bikini though. No one should be happy to be so stereotyped, and displayed. Although it served a purpose in showing the depravity and view of Jabba's court. It was obvious. And a reflection on cinema's penchant for half-naked women.

  The only personal thing I can say, is that she was the first female hero I ever had as a kid. I loved her. I thought she didn't take any shit, she had a temper that reminded me of my mom and I. She led people with capability, she jumped into action and did what was necessary. She was simply herself. And that's what I think is so powerful about good characters. They don't serve a propaganda, they don't conform. They are natural. They react to their environment, to their circumstances, what is naturally in them--and what they must strive towards. I think a lot of the challenge in good writing is figuring out that natural element. I think the best actors are the ones who give that element of themselves, to bring something so alive that it stays with us forever. Perhaps I'm a sentimentalist, but I think it is true. Think of Alan Rickman, Christopher Lee, Robin Williams. Will we ever forget them, and the stories they told us? Will we ever forget Fisher? I know some, including me, who never will.