Monday, May 16, 2016

OUAT ~Last Rites~ Now I Lay You Down To Rest


  I meant to publish this previously but got caught up with other things. Life has been busy, that can I tell you.

regina last rites once upon a time

Spoilers! You have been warned.

  Oh my gosh was this last OUAT ep a killer. Haha, pun may or may not be intended. I watched it yesterday after deciding that it was absolutely necessary that I resubscribe to Hulu, so I could stop waiting. I was going to just wait for it to be available on the website, but no--I was impatient! I had to have it now.

 This whole season I was like, "Nope, nope, there's no way they're killing off Hook. People like him too much, he and Emma suit each other too well, it just WORKS too well--they wouldn't kill that off just for some momentary drama." And so I was watching yesterday, riveted of course--and still thinking, "Naw, naw, they'll find a way." And then I started doubting myself. And then Hook walked into the light. And then he accepted the Greek (Olympian, I know) dude's offer to move forward. And he looked back, and then kept walking forward.

  NNNOOOOOO! YOU BASTARDS! Okay yes by this point I had some tears. I rarely cry ever, but I'm just in love with this show, have watched every episode, just love the whole story--and I had to swipe away a couple tears because it was just so wrong.

  And Robin! His face! And Regina's expression--that gentle but horribly wretched look of distraught! And Robin's look of loving acceptance, kindness--before JUST DISSIPATING IN HER EMPTY HANDS. Yes at this point I had stopped everything else I was doing, I was just standing there in front of the tv like a 5 yr old, all bitter and teary and going, "Oh dude you have no idea what she's going to do to you...hell and darkness is coming are going to feel like you never even know what it was to be a god BECAUSE THE REAL HELL IS COMING FOR YOU!!!" Hell hath no fury like a woman scourned.

  But surprise, it's Zelena who deals the fatal blow and disintegrates Hades...remembering one truth that makes it clear for her--than in the end, love IS supposed to be enough--not having everything, not a kingdom--and that Hades was never real. Not in the way she wanted. So blazing Olympian Crystal through the heart, so much for love conquering Storybrooke! And high five for sisters, for dealing the day. And women all around losing their men and getting their hearts broken. What a wringer. Bastard writers. How dare you make us feel so keenly.

  BUT THEN! Oh then! Of course in the funeral what happens? Poof! Zeus, for his hand in destroying Hades, brings Hook back at the last second. THANKS FOR GETTING ME CRYING! And then bringing him back! Convince me then make me lose it because I cried for no reason. Well there was plenty of reason but it was still annoying. But man it still was beautiful.

  But that's what's great about the show. No matter how annoyed or heartbroken I get, there is always so much to love, to ENJOY, in every season. The intrigue, the superb story, never stops being good, even if I don't agree with some choices made.

  But one thing always does ring true...loss always makes us reflect on the best of what was. To cherish it more, or even to realize it for the first time. Because we can lose people, things in life--it behooves us to actually value them. Without loss there isn't gain--and so the bittersweet cycle goes.

  And of course, Rumplestiltskin is back in to speak. Oooh-hoo-hoo...can't wait for the FINALE.

  ~Elora Carmen Shore