Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rey as The Chosen One Reborn

rey the chosen one

   Rey has swiftly been declared one of the favorites in the newest addition to the StarWars saga. I know she's mine. It's not often that I completely adore a female character in a show or movie, but StarWars has always given female characters that are admirable. Padme, Leia, (Leia is still my favorite) now Rey. She's completely natural, and I was thrilled with Daisy Ridley's performance. Her chemistry with John Boyega as Finn was fun and natural. Some have said that her performance was wooden, but honestly I'd like to what them upside their own hard head.
  When I saw the trailer, I had a picture of Rey being Han and Leia's daughter, and over the course of the movie and seeing that that was not the case (although I suppose any twist in the plot might allow for that still, but it'd really take a really good twist) I conjectured what everyone else did--that she was Luke Skywalker's daughter. All the clues point to it. Quite obviously.
  One theory that I read about was rather bizarre--a bit much. Interesting, but too much. The theory was that, given the time frame, there was great possibility that Rey is actually the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker, and it would complete the cycle of his fall and redemption. Well, tremendous theory--certainly a kick of a one--but I think it's just way too much.

  And then,  there was a bit my friend told me. "Guess what? On the new game when Ren confronts Rey, he calls her 'Cousin'!" Quelle surprise.




  1. I love Rey too.

    Actually, what Kylo Ren shouts is "curses" -- but the internet heard it wrong. It was in place of a cuss word.

    I like the Skywalker theory. I also like the "granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi" theory. There's also the "she was born of the Force to balance out Kylo Ren" theory.

  2. Just too many good theories out there.... Gotta love them all. :)

  3. Rey is definitely a new favorite of mine. I've heard a lot of theories of who she might be and there seems to be tons of evidence that points her to being related to Luke. Though, I think I would be disappointed if that were the case because it's too obvious. I never heard about the theory that's she's a reincarnation of Anakin. That would be a little weird. Even for Star Wars. Two years is too long to wait for the answers!

    1. I know!! But still. And yes, I'd be a bit disappointed--only in that it's too obvious, another "riff-off". But still, a part of me would see the coolness. :D