Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Don't Go On the Bridge, Ya Nerfherder! ~ Ode From a Fangirl

han solo death gif

Now as I've said before, I'm disappointed with Solo's outcome on Ep VII. I was so terrified of said outcome when it was rumored months ago I didn't even finish reading the post and swore off of anymore StarWars news until the movie came out. Which I easily stuck to, considering how petrified I was. They were going to kill off my childhood crush? No. Surely not.

  But they did.

  Harrison Ford's wish to be sacrificed to some ideal was finally carried out. It was done for a good purpose, and I suspect that he'll be making ghostly appearances in the next ones, but still! Personally, I think he could have given a lot more to the movies. In life. Not as a ghost, or a memory. Han Solo has always symbolized the adventure of StarWars for me--he was like the embodiment of the adventurous energy, on the every-guy level. It would be like killing of Capt. Jack Sparrow and just expecting the movies to carry on, even though he wasn't the main character in the first three. You think that would go well? Phssh. There would be riots. Personally I'm not sure why there isn't for Solo. Am I the only one waving a grief banner around here?

  I do wonder what it'll be like for the others of the Millennium Falcon to carry on--what it will feel like. I was so pumped for more old gang storylines and action, I'm really quite sad about this outcome, even though it's sort of ok. My one gripe though is that throughout this movie it was too...like it was mentioned in a certain article, too riff-off like. This final scene is too Empire Strikes Back, in a mirror form. I think it would have played off better in a less "let's make this a so iconic and Darth Vader vs. Luke moment, and Solo falls into oblivion" type of scene. It's been overdone. And there are some major points to be made about Han's CHOICE to even walk onto that bridge.


  1. Personally I don't think he'd walk out there in the first place. He's too common sense.

  2. He speaks with actions, not negotiation. Even if it is to save his son, this is such a part of his being I don't see WHY he'd be so...foolish. Han Solo...talking someone out of their decisions? I can't fathom it, aside from the knowledge that some people change with time, but still, it's hard to swallow in Han's case.

3. The gentleness of the scene. I don't completely buy it. Yes, he's his father. But something more upfront, gritty, harsh, and loving at the same time would have been so much more believable, and poignant. And Ford could have carried that off completely. More Indiana Jones, only Solo. Come on, we've seen the gritty father before. In this context an all-stops-removed kind of scene would have fantastic. Would have served the story better.

4. Han Solo should have gone out fighting. I think he should have been willing to kill his son. Known that it might come to that, and prepare for it. In the context that he was fighting for his son's soul, yes he's still going down fighting, but not in the way that makes him the brilliant character that he is, nor in the way that would have best served the movie. Where's the smuggler that knew when to shoot and when to live to fight another day? The lack of basic practicality that is so integral to Han is sadly missing here.

  5. This is more just personal preference, but I totally think it would have been more fitting for him to fully die on board the Millenium Falcon. The setting itself would have tore our hearts asunder all over again. Or, instead of falling into the abyss, (overused) I think it would have served better if they had to leave his body behind, after realizing he's dead and they immediately had to run in order to escape in time. Granted that's been used before, but I think it'd be more symbolic of how the fans feel. Han isn't lost in the abyss for us. Our fandom couldn't save him sacrificing himself like a idealist nerfherder, and now we have to go on without him. His death will be a monument in our minds. A picture of a normal hero that was someone so integral to the things we wanted to believe in ever since we saw him as children.
  And perhaps it would have been even better if Han had crashed the Millenium Falcon in order to save everyone, so Han goes down with his ship, and they get one last glance before escaping. But anyway. This is all conjecture and wishful, heartbroken thinking. And it's my natural writer coming out. I want to rewrite it all and make a new one in a lot of respects, even if I do freakin' love the movie. It's alternately "AAAHHHHH!!!" with love and fangirling, and "WWWAAAAHHHH!!!" with anguish. And disappointment. There are just things that could have been done better.

  I think that covers the gist of it. We're all heartbroken, and the great love of my childhood will still always have a place. More poignantly, perhaps. I'm sure Harrison Ford would be thrilled.

  Hopefully the Force brings you peace, since you're a ghost now. RIP HAN SOLO.


  P.S. As a way with coping with my grief, I have most hilariously established a shameless parody account on dead Han's behalf. Enjoy his tweets of wise-cracking quips.
  And it wouldn't be complete if you didn't follow Condescending Chewie too. All the things he said but you were too dumb to understand....

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rey as The Chosen One Reborn

rey the chosen one

   Rey has swiftly been declared one of the favorites in the newest addition to the StarWars saga. I know she's mine. It's not often that I completely adore a female character in a show or movie, but StarWars has always given female characters that are admirable. Padme, Leia, (Leia is still my favorite) now Rey. She's completely natural, and I was thrilled with Daisy Ridley's performance. Her chemistry with John Boyega as Finn was fun and natural. Some have said that her performance was wooden, but honestly I'd like to what them upside their own hard head.
  When I saw the trailer, I had a picture of Rey being Han and Leia's daughter, and over the course of the movie and seeing that that was not the case (although I suppose any twist in the plot might allow for that still, but it'd really take a really good twist) I conjectured what everyone else did--that she was Luke Skywalker's daughter. All the clues point to it. Quite obviously.
  One theory that I read about was rather bizarre--a bit much. Interesting, but too much. The theory was that, given the time frame, there was great possibility that Rey is actually the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker, and it would complete the cycle of his fall and redemption. Well, tremendous theory--certainly a kick of a one--but I think it's just way too much.

  And then,  there was a bit my friend told me. "Guess what? On the new game when Ren confronts Rey, he calls her 'Cousin'!" Quelle surprise.