Friday, December 25, 2015

The New Generation: StarWars Is Back ~ The Fan Experience

starwars 7 premiere night images

  I finally know what it's like to sit in theater full of ardent fans clapping and cheering at shared loves. It is one of the most AWESOME sensations in the world. Whoo! My friends and I had reserved our tickets early, (they on the night of the release, mine a couple evenings after). We got the premiere early, although we weren't not the first ones there--and I was tickled that we were the first seated. That was interesting, walking into an empty theater looking for our labeled seats. Then waiting for the place to fill up with other costumed dandies and the lights to dim.
  When they did and the lettering stretched across the screen a cheer went up and quickly quieted down, as we all just watched. And I realized that I didn't remember feeling so in the moment when watching the prequels at the theater. Except for the first, but I was so young that I don't remember watching the intro roll at that point either. But this--this was different.
  The camera panned to the side and the silhouette of a ship showed against the backdrop of a gleaming planet in stark tones. Well, I thought. This is starting off properly.

  The movie was spectacular. It had the feel of the originals, the cinemagraphic tone, and the pace and excitement that has become a byword of the stories. The characters easily won my heart.

  I had a few expectations that did not happen to take place. I had expected Rey to be Han and Leia's daughter. I had expected there to be a feeling of the old gang, with a lot more involvement on the part of Leia, Han, and Chewie. I had pictured Leia and Han still together, Rey was their daughter probably making off with the Millenium Falcon, and she gets in trouble and they have to jump in and they're all led on a merry chase and adventure.

  Once I realized she was not, it didn't take long for me to suspect that she was Skywalker's daughter. does led me to wonder (as are thousands of other people) why she was abandoned on Jakku. What I had thought was Tattooine in the trailer is actually Jakku, and I'm really rather relieved, even if they look a lot alike. It's a good turn to start the new adventures on a new planet.

  There were only two disappoints that I had. First, that Harrison Ford got his wish. Really ticked off. Months ago I heard a rumor that he was going to, and I immediately shut the page and just never looked up another bit of StarWars news. I was terrified that I'd hear anything else. And my longest crush ever dying? No thanks. Didn't need to hear it, much less see it happen. Han Solo had a lot more to offer in my opinion, but still--his death still served a purpose. And I know Ford really wanted this for his character. So. I'll get over it. Eventually.
  Secondly, that there wasn't that major involvement, that old gang feel. But it was not so big in the face of all the excitement and my satisfaction with the story. I was sad that Leia didn't yell at least once. I was looking forward to hearing her bark orders, and run the place with the fiery passion that I loved. Didn't get to see that. So...yes, I was a bit disappointed. Everything was so sedate compared to what I was used to regarding the characters. Yes, people change with time but their essence often remains the same. It could be argued that such painful experiences have changed them, but I still expected more fire. More sparks. A little bit of clash between her and Solo. But still, it wasn't so big that I dwell too much on it.

  Overall the movie was fun, I'm thoroughly excited, I loved the new characters, the new storyline. I'm thoroughly revved for more. And I'll never forget the big cheer that followed when we saw that a piece of junk referenced was actually The Millenium Falcon. Never forget the love.

  Oh, and keep in mind that more spoilers will be coming. Bwhahaha. Come on I can't help it it's STARWARS!


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How Our Characters Look Back At Us

fountain pen pic

One thing I was pondering on recently was my tendency to be so slow with my writing. I reflected on this, and was challenging myself on why I didn't write stories that catered to my natural strengths, (description, character development) in trendy, lucrative contexts. Because I know that I'd be able to do it. If I chose to write some pot boiler full of sex and booze I'd be able to satisfy readers amply. Because it's not hard to do that, when all the reader wants is kicks and I'm perfectly able to be creative with their fantasies. And create a simple story. Picture it, context it, stamp it's done. Pretty much.
  And I realized it's because I want to write stuff that challenges people--and by extension, I want something that would challenge ME. Challenges my world, my life, my thinking. And it's so hard to write about that at times because I am always learning, always reflecting and going back and trying to make sense. It's an ongoing organic state of being that--just in living--makes it hard to get down a story in any timely manner. Because what I want to write about, comes from revelation. And every new day challenges the past one. What I learn today will make me look at my characters anew. And when today always comes again, our characters grow before our eyes, along with ourselves.

  But where to say the end?

  Now that is the question.

  ~ E. C. S. 

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." ~ Benjamin Franklin