Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Measure of a Man: Captain America The Winter Solider

  I just enjoyed myself immensely, going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It as absolutely worth the trip to the theater (which is always fun anyway). It was good, just sitting there enjoying a really good story, both well told and well portrayed through excellent performances and good, fresh cinematography.

steve rogers
  Going home, I wondered what exactly made it so great. That it was great, I had no doubt. I don't just like a movie for no reason. Then I realized it was because over all, the story was a test of Steve Rogers' faithfulness to who he is, what he believes in. He has come from a time that tested who he was, and to a point even made him--then he was asleep for 70 years only to get dropped in another time with further issues, some which aren't all that different. His life has been a roller coaster of things constantly challenging him. And here, there is yet again plenty to challenge who he is and what he believes to be right, through a mix of them that aren't all clear cut obstacles, good or bad--some come in the form of a friend. Or would be friend. Or used to be friend.

  An article that I read over at Confessions of a INTP made a very good point--hitting on a subconscious comparison even I had--likening Captain America to King David. Someone who had been a strong person with small things, who knew the value of having strength so as to do even greater good. I would greatly suggest you read the post Charity of Confessions of a INTP wrote on Captain America. It is greatly worth the read, hitting some points that I won't address as much in this review.

stever rogers and black widow
  In the beginning Steve is forging new friendships, friendships that will strengthen over the course of the story. What I really like is that it starts simply, a normal morning with a dude being outrun by another seemingly super-human dude with a sense of humor--yes, that being Steve Rogers. I liked how we were just eased into his story. It felt natural and easy-going, we were just back in the Marvel universe with one of our favorite buds.
steve rogers and nick fury pics  After a questionable mission Steve Rogers doesn't know if he can support everything Nick Fury stands for--not sure if he can stand with him. Shield has moved into something centralized around fear, not respect--but as Nick Fury puts it, they take the world as it is, not what they want it to be--and respond. I can understand them both at the same time. What Steve doesn't know is that Fury has his own doubts. And that before long, he will be doing what he can to help him. Steve recognizes the soldier in Fury, someone who fights, and dies for what he believes in.What do you do when someone you're not sure about shows you something about them that you know to be honorable and worthy?

bucky winter soldier
This sends Steve on the road to finding the truth about everything. And it also leads him to learn the true identity about the mysterious, fatal Winter Soldier. It's Bucky--his best friend, whom he thought had fallen to his death, leaving him with the burden of knowing he couldn't save him. Can he turn against his friend? Even now, now that he's changed almost beyond recognition, not even remembering who he was? This, I think, is the biggest challenge that Steve has--whether or not he will betray who his friend was. We would not judge him if he did--the Winter Soldier poses such a terrible threat to everyone, to what they're trying to accomplish. But it is because of Steve's resolve to continue to believe in himself, to not forsake believing that he can make his friend remember who HE is. Because, as he said, "I'm with you until the end of the line." When I saw the flashback scene where Bucky tells this to Steve when he needs it most, I knew it'd would come later at a defining moment in the movie, and I wasn't disappointed. However predictable, I love good lines like this that define a friendship, and I have joy when I see it--what their relationship had stood for--pulling through.

"And I'm with you--to the end of the line."

  Captain America is faithful. He fights for what he believes in, for what loves in his country, and values in those he fights alongside, especially those closest to him. And what is best is that we can believe that he always will, because he has proved it yet again. He has showed others in this story that they can be better, and he has learned from them as well. Those of Shield will have to start anew. But Steve Rogers will always be the same. A good man.

    If you haven't seen the movie yet, go see it. It will be worth it.


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