Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wizard of Oz Collection

  I recently did a post on my reading of the first Wizard of Oz book. Recently while looking at other things on Kindle I found a collection of the books for $.90. How nice is that? So I of course got it. Hopefully I can get through them over the next couple of months. And it'll be interesting to see if any of the books are the source of inspiration for either of the Wizard of Oz movies. Perhaps there's Ruby Slippers in one of the other books, or perhaps the Wizard will reappear in one of them. One of the other books, not one of the Slippers, although that'd be hilarious. I'm looking forward to seeing how they are. I still find it amusing that it took me this long to discover that there was more than one book.
  Here's a link to the collection that I got on Amazon.

  ~E. C. Shore

I also did a review on the first installment of Ellise C. Weaver's The Huntingson Saga, a Christian romance novel. I had mixed feelings, but it was enjoyable. Here is the link


  1. What an awesome deal! I need to go find it!

    1. Definitely! I'm hoping to begin my copy after I finish this review of a poetry book I promised.

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  3. You really crack me up. Here I was reading what I thought was going to be a serious post when you mention the wizard emerging from the slippers. Sometimes you really remind me of my brother. :D

  4. That would be funny though, wouldn't it? I wonder what the Wizard would say--caught in the act. :D