Friday, August 9, 2013

The 360 Degree Heart Poetry Review

The 360 Degree Heart
  Okay guys--another poetry book review! This one I'm really excited about. I enjoyed it so much. It's The 360 Degree Heart by Maja Dezulovic. She wrote with a real feel of experience and personal expression--many I found original, and lyrical. They had a beat. It covers topics from mistaken love, lost feelings, heartbrokenness--without the typical "woe is me". It just had that simple, strong humanness that took things as they came, learned from them (or tried to), and moved on. Kept moving on.
  Part Three is what thrilled me the most though. This portion by far I found the most intriguing, the most original. It was like a mini story, told in free verse, over telephone calls. I felt like I was really following the characters, realizing who they were. It was completely natural, completely believable. So personable. I was thrilled at this unexpected piece! I enjoyed it so thoroughly, I just had to tell Maja how much I enjoyed it.
  I would strongly suggest that you go pick up a copy of The 360 Degree Heart, and after you've read it, I'd love to hear what you have to say about it!

~E. C. Shore

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  1. Hello, my experience with this book was the same. It is original and has a very nice tone to it. I also agree that people should get their own copy and see for themselves. Excellent review.