Sunday, August 11, 2013

Keepin' On and Geekin' Out

  You know, there are just those days when you feel like there are so many beautiful things to experience, so many things you want to do--so many things you see other people doing that you think are awesome. And you feel swamped. I feel swamped. Trying to achieve the things one loves is taxing. Thank goodness for endurance.

  Things I'm doing right now include writing (two things at once, my epic, and my romcom--weird combo, right? Oh, and whatever poems/songs etc. after that), learning to play guitar, getting books relevant to topics/genres I'm working on read. Doing reviews. Networking. Working on my business. The works. I sometimes just stop and wonder if these little things add up to what I'm working for.  (Good grief, that was a lot of "work" words). But...well, a simple good thing is that I'm a stubborn mule, and passionate. Stubbornly optimistic. It'd just be nice to get some prove of progress.
  I know a good pick me up. Some geek-off time. I think I'll watch some Dr. Who while getting some writing done. But here is a Youtube StarWars Medley for you, from Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens! It was awesome, and so funny. The making of was amusing to. The awesome things people come up with. ;)
  I'm geekin' out about the new Star Wars movie. How 'bout you guys?

  ~E. C. Shore

  P.S. I'm currently reading the bio of Peter Jackson. I'll be reviewing it soon! It's very interesting, with surprises and things i didn't expect. (Well duh--that's the definition of "surprises" right)?

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