Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Wizard of Oz~A Dash of Whimsy Over the Canvas of Imagination

  It's raining and moody...drips are falling from the eaves, and the dogs are hiding in their houses. Wonderful weather for reading, isn't it? Just the other day I went to the library and found Wizard of Oz. It's been on my list for quite awhile, and finally I endeavored to read it. Little did I know....

  It's a series. How on earth did I not know that before?

wizard of oz landscape scott gustafson
Source: Scott Gustafson, pinterest

  Wizard of Oz, like for most of us, was introduced to me by the movie. It's a timeless favorite, I still watch it, enjoy it. Especially on days when I'm making treats. (And especially when it's autumn). I rebuked myself for taking so long in actually getting to read the book. I remember listening to the audio when I was little, but I don't count that. And I remember so little. The only part I distinctly remember is the part when the lion knocks the hideous spider's head off. Loved that part. It's easy to see that I've always been a lover of action and battle.

vintage wizard of oz picture

  What does a timeless classic teach us? With Wizard of Oz, it was simple--and easily beloved because it was so simple, and fun. It shares a universal truth--often enough what we're really looking for is right in front of us. Life. Home. There is something so precious and timeless about these truths. They will never get old. Because we will always keep searching, up and away, down and over--for the thing that we feel we are looking for. Sometimes it is Out There. But often enough, we just need to go away so we can see what we had--and if we're lucky, return. Dorothy was lucky. And there is also the turth that often we feel like humbugs--fakes. But we are who we make ourselves, as the characters of this book showed so well.

dorothy and toto picture

  Dorothy was a spunky little girl we could relate to. So was the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion. I was thrilled to see how many adventures they had. Finished it in a few hours. (I was surprised that the Slippers were silver, and not ruby--I guess that is something that the movie makers decided to change)!

  A dash of whimsy, a canvas of imagination--that's enough to take anyone over the rainbow, isn't it? If you've read the books, what were your impressions? What did you love?

I am definitely getting the rest.

  Soon, as part of my reviews of the Wizard of Oz series, I will also be doing a commentary/review on the new movie, which I really enjoyed! 

emerald city landscape

E. C. Shore

Friday, July 12, 2013

Why Do We Really Love Him?

epic aragorn photo
  I have just finished reading an article by Quickbeam of TORN ( on the subject of Aragorn's character. It is an excellent personal discussion on what really makes Aragorn the character he is, and a good piece to read (not only for the sake of us Aragorn fans) as something to think about in character development in writing. And of course, I see it also as just more food to the challenge I set for myself--the understanding and constant fight to really see my characters.
  Think about it for a minute. What makes us love characters like Aragorn, or King David (granted, King David is a real person, but you get my meaning)? They're not just "strong characters". They are that, but much, much more. They have terrible burdens. But something always keeps them going. We find that they keep finding just enough strength somewhere within to help them put one foot in front of the other.

  So go read this great piece, and then share what you think!

~E. C. Shore