Thursday, June 13, 2013

These Things Obviously...Take Time

  I have not written in a LONG time. I do apologize for that. I was at a loss for awhile, when it came to my writing posts. And of course, one must not sure what is not coming directly from the heart. But enough of that.

  During my  last few weeks, I've gone on a great trip to San Diego, and just recently opened an Etsy shop, Transcendence Designs. So I have been one busy camper! My writing had been put on hold for awhile, but I've been able to get work going again...with redoing the beginning yet again. But I can honestly say I love this new version. It just feels right.

  I realized, after I had gotten a ways into writing my last draft of the beginning, that I wasn't showing who Alexis really was--what she was doing to keep her family afloat. And I realized how much of a better impact actually showing her plowing those fields and earning extra money by the sweat of her brow would mean to the story. The reader would actually get a feel of how hard and how passionate she is about doing whatever it takes to keep her family from losing their home. And not only that, showing this can also be a reflection of something that comes later--how she fights for a different people. Just by doing simple, but hardworking things. Although they turn into something bigger as the story goes on.

  But don't the big things in life get reflected by the simple, day-to-day things? Don't we see who a person is by the actual work of their hands?

  And another thing--why on earth did it take me six years to get this part of the story in my head?

  Would love to hear your comments and personal stories on THIS universal subject. Leave your comments below!

  ~E. C. Shore

P.S. Just as a piece of excited nerdism, the first teaser trailer for The Desolation of Smaug is here! Here is the link! Needless to say, it is AWESOME.


  1. I saw the trailer yesterday and I was actually pretty disappointed by Smaug! I was expecting better than that. Oh, and I'm glad you're progressing with Alexis :)

  2. Yeah...I was a bit "hmmmm" on Smaug myself. I like dragons to be sharp and rugged. He looked a bit soft fleshed...perhaps...I'm not sure what word exactly to use. I'm hoping it's just the angle. I mean, think of his eye during the end of the movie! It was AWESOME! Beautiful. But we'll just have to see. And I'm glad to be progressing with Alexis too!