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Poetry Review: Shannon Sonneveldt, "Experience Life In Poetry: Family, Friends, and Romantic Relationships"

My Goodreads friend Shannon Sonneveldt has shared with me three of her poetry books, the first being “Experience Life In Poetry: Family, Friends, and Romantic Relationships”. I enjoyed it very much of the course of the week. I will be reviewing the two others, “Experience Life in Poetry: Random Life Observations, Parenthood, and Growing Up”, and “Puppy Poetry: The Exhausting, Funny and Sweet Moments That Come With Being Owned By Puppies”. I especially look forward to reading the last. I love puppies and dogs. (Granted, I'm an animal lover all round).
Reading the first though, was calming and simple. I could easily picture someone reading it along with their child, or by herself with a nice cup of tea. Or coffee, whichever you prefer. I especially liked Sister--of course, as I am an older sister. It appealed very much to my sensibilities:


Especially that last bit. ;D

The book is divided into the different topics, and going into the Friendship poems, I was enjoying it more and more. One I found interesting was Good Friends—an interesting one about friendships in the workplace, even in unlooked for circumstances. In the last line of I'll Always, there were the words “Well I'll always be around, until you ask me to go”. Which I found very profound and true. Sometimes what a friend proves herself by stepping away, leaving. Not everyone confesses that.

Memory Scale I found very funny, something I (and I'm a ton of others) can definitely equate to! I loved the end—really made me laugh. I think it's my favorite funny one!
The Friendship We Share reminded me of the times when I'm watching best friend movies, specifically Anne of Avonlea—there is this one scene where Pauline comes back from a party and tells Anne how she and her childhood looked at all the things they used to live around, and had grown up with—talked of the things that had happened in the past. It's one of the best scenes in the movie. This poem really reminded me of it, of how I feel when I think of my own friends, and childhood. It tells of the normal things girls go through in growing up, and it was a very nice poem to make one reminisce.

The romantic ones spoke true. If You Loved Me spoke about what love really is, and knowing that love comes from both, not used as a crutch to get what you want from the other.
I liked that in Breaking Up it was pointed out that songs talk about the pain of breaking up, but not how to get through it. It points to the realism that we all must fight our own way, make a decision. Growing Love was very sweet. I love friendship to love poems, and this was simple and touching.

A Time of Love I really liked, as it spoke of those who go through the husband being away, serving his country, and returning, showing how their marriage endured through the years. It's something that I think about often. I have a great respect for those who serve our country.

But what I found the most special was The Same. By far I think this is the best poem in the book. It speaks about over the course of time standing in the other's shoes, realizing the promise they made in their vows, and the pain that goes with truly bearing the worry and care of another that you love. But the blessedness too, of knowing that now both completely understand what it is being as strong as the other needs you to be. It was very honest, and true.
Overall, this is a worthwhile book. I would certainly suggest it to you. It doesn't pretend to be great literature, with polished “mumbo jumbo”—just shows that it's an honest work of heart from another human being, with its simple words. That is something we all relate to, respect. We can take encouragement from that. So if you are interested in this book, and you like poetry that is good for sitting in the lawn chair and reading, I suggest you buy this. It is worthwhile.

If you are interested in looking at her other works, you can find Shannon Sonneveldt's work here:

Until next week!

~E. C. Shore

P.S. My discussion post on the subject of Peter Pan is still ongoing. I hope to be done with it over the next few days!

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