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Experience Life Through Poetry: Random Life Observations, Parenthood, and Growing Up

   Yesterday I finished reading the second collection of Experience Life Through Poetry, Random Life Observations, Parenthood, and Growing Up. I enjoyed this one even more than the first, especially the first section. It was beautiful, conveying truths, beauties, and sorrow of life. Many were lyrical, and held a simple beauty that I truly enjoyed.

Shannon Sonneveldt

It opened up with World Class Artists, which I found lovely with its subtle, almost lyrical language. It was a nice opening into the book. And as a more Southern girl, I had a natural liking for My Cowboy poem. Heaven knows we women love our beautiful men. And Talk!Talk!Talk! certainly resonates with some of us—I think we can all honestly say we've come across someone who can talk all day but in the end, has nothing to share at all, really. I quite liked After the Fairy Tale Ended, with a good take on dysfunctional families, lost love, and fairy tale projections. Earth's Mistake I could relate to, on many levels—I regret the loss of what has been, although I still hold hope. Man is Earth's curse and blessing. It depends on our choices.
What I thought was really good, though, was Laughter. It spoke with knowing conviction of some people's tendency to laugh everything away, in pretense. Lying to one's self. It's a comedy cover up. I thought the message was well presented.
One that made me laugh was Arrogant. It spoke very plainly:

Always thinking you're
Of the
Never ending proof
To the contrary

No One was very bittersweet and lonely, and the verse about her looking at the stars reminded me of a poem I wrote for myself.
The Truth of the Matter was good, in pointing out how much truth can be misconstrued by rumor, and that we should do our own listening to what is really going on—or even better, mind our own business. Love that little piece of wisdom. Although I DO believe in defending the truth, and seeking it out when necessary.
What About Us spoke about America's growing need to care for itself. I've thought about this for quite awhile. If we drain ourselves caring for everyone else, how will we adequately tend to ourselves? In nature, the mama bear feeds herself first before feeding her cubs. For if she does not have the strength of nourishment, she cannot provide for them. That is true for any guardian. I appreciated that Shannon included this in her collection.
A Calm Cool Night I really enjoyed! It was suspenseful and creepy. I love creepy writing, especially symbolism, our fears as figures. This one, in the figure of Memory, was delightful. Lovely shivers.
I could really relate to Close Your Eyes. Just from this poem alone, I'd think the author and I must be soul sisters. We both see beauty in different ways, especially when we close our eyes and open ourselves to everything that is around us.

But when I close my eyes
I discover another world
I smell new smells
Hear things I've never heard

I'm Not Selfish was showed how much this person could give, but harshly drew the line at the heart.

Because I'm a selfish person
My pride you can't slay
My heart you can't take
And my spirit you can't break

I really liked the end verse, almost like a declaration on a battlefield.

The poems covering family were as nice as those in the first collection. Love Time Two I found really cute, about having twins, with double the fun and expectation, and blessing. I just thought it was so sweet.
Silently I Pray comes from the heart of any good mother striving to do right by her children. Thankful for them, and for the blessing of knowing some of what is good, so that it is a guide to directing children to the best.
Aruba Memories was really fun, and made me think of when my own family went on a vacation.
The Greatest Reward is the sweetest though, I think. I'll let you discover it while reading. ;)

In the third part was in the theme of children and growing up. The first was Close To The Heart, expressing the love everyone has for children's way of bringing joy just by being what they are.
Growing Up made me think of Peter Pan, talking about having tons of different dreams, and saying that if growing up means losing them, then you don't want to grow up.
Expectations really resonated, and spoke truth of what many of us, growing up, feel. The ending line, “Expectations can kill” strikes to the core. I have felt that, although I think it has also taught me great things that I would not trade away. I believe it has made me tougher, and better able to discern what is worth striving for.
I loved List of Some Days. Although not by the same title, I have a list of things I want to do in my life, and I loved reading Shannon's poem. Made me think of all I want to do.
But oh man, I LOVED The Perfect Costume, covering the subject of the idea of women and beauty in modern thinking. I loved the personal feeling and sense of regret and almost loneliness. But there also seemed to be a strength conveyed in the poem.

This collection deserves as space on my shelf, and I enjoyed reading it. I hope you guys will consider checking it out! And prepare to brew a cup of coffee and curl up to read.

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