Friday, March 29, 2013

My Pal Longish Writes on Grace and Redemption...In Fiction

I just wanted to share a post my buddy Longish put up just the other day, on the topic of similar themes, like grace and redemption, between A Tale of Two Cities and Lord of the Rings. I was so impressed by what she had to say about A Tale of Two Cities (which she pointed out is the number one bestselling fiction book of all time--over Lord of the Rings! My loyal heart is wounded) is moved up my never ending of "books to read first". (Although I mean that honestly, it's still a joke). I greatly suggest you hop over to her blog and take a look! And any thoughts and comments of your own would be greatly appreciated!

The Raiding of the Bastille
I really liked the picture she selected for her post...doesn't this woman pose just relay what must have been felt?