Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Right to Defense

There has been much coverage on the guns issue lately. So many people believe that the President was right in issuing executive orders, banning certain guns. And even with some guns that are allowed, some of those can have more than seven rounds.
I'll state right now I am a firm supporter in self defense—and that extends to guns. I can understand that many believe putting a firm hold on the accessibility of guns will help lower the crime rate. It might even be true, in some areas. But not enough for the cost of pulling guns out of the hands of those defending their homes. For there will always be the criminals that cause this violence, that find a way to get their hands on the means. 

I don't know about you, but I don't want to be the one empty handed when one of my own might depend on me. If someone breaks into my house, threatening my loved ones, I do not want to be helpless. Especially as a woman. I want the certainty that I have the means of defending myself and those who depend on my protection.

There are different aspects about this gun ban that I find wrong, and pointless.

First of all, is the 2nd Amendment. We weren't given the right to have weapons—it is a natural right that the Founding Fathers knew absolutely. Life had shown them that one must have the ability to be able to defend against crime, and even the government. You must remember, for a time we were bound to England. We fought that government, because we knew it was time to stand alone, set apart by our core beliefs. We had to defend against the retribution of England. And the time may come that we may have to defend against aspects of our own government. It is always possible—if you look at history with open eyes, you will see this truth: at one point or another, civilization has had to defend itself against those who claim to have the right to dictate it.

Second of all, this point I found stupid, and disturbing: the lessening of the magazine capacity. To what point is this? It's redundant. Unless there are plans to further lessen the amount until you can't fire it at all. And speaking from a personal point of view, if I have a gun with only seven rounds, and my house is broken into by multiple people, the chances of bringing them all done with only seven aren't very good—unless I am an incredible shot. Who would want to be so vulnerable?
So what does all this tell us? Really? To us who defend gun rights—it means that we have less chances of defending ourselves against an attack on ourselves, our loved ones. Our neighbors. Neighbors have saved others from being robbed because they had a gun and had the guts to confront the criminals. I am a firm believer that in a armed society, there are fewer criminals with the guts and stupidity to commit crimes. For there are higher chances that they won't get away with it—might even just get shot. Notice that I simply say fewer—not “none”. For there are always those who will rob, and murder, and destroy that which we hold dear.

So what would you prefer to have in your hand when someone takes it into their head to do wrong? Because they might choose you. Choose your child. Your house.

I know I don't want to be empty handed. And if I still get killed, it won't have been because I didn't have the guts and means to fight back.

The 2nd Amendment was put there for a reason. So that any can defend themselves from threat from the enemy, the criminal, even their own government if needed. History has shown us time and again that mankind at times turns on its own. And that will never change. I am glad to live in America. Because America was founded on a firm belief in basic rights. One of the greatest is the right to defend.

But now the right to defense—by any means necessary—needs to be defended. 

Note~photo provided by Photobucket