Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Precious Christmas Present~The Hobbit Sountrack


  I recently did a review of the much-anticipated Hobbit movie. For me, that trip to the theater was a great family outing, and we all (well, us fans) enjoyed it very much. For Christmas I got the Hobbit soundtrack from a beloved friend. I can now comment more fully on the tracks, and focus on the pieces that I thought were truly superb first.
I said before that I absolutely loved the dwarves' Misty Mountains song, performed by the dwarf cast, and most notably Richard Armitage, whose beginning vocals bring us into it. It was a song that captured me the first time I saw the Hobbit trailer, and was even better in the movie. It is a longing for home, for the past, for things treasured, and a remembrance of tragedies to one's homeland. Definitely one of my favorite tracks.

The tracks The Adventure Begins and The World is Ahead were symbolic of the movie, with themes that carry us from home and into the wild allure of the dangerous unknown, full of epic tones so familiar with us Lotr fans, with new pieces that define The Hobbit. And Old Friends was a track that really brought in some nostalgia for us fans, with the beautiful theme of the Shire, reminding of of Concerning Hobbits from Fellowship of the Ring. Howard Shore really scored high with these tracks, and I loved them. (No pun intended).

Now to the final ones that I thought were certainly worth mentioning—Neil Finn's performance of Song of the Lonely Mountain, and then the last track, Dreaming of Bag End. I cannot say enough about Neil Finn's song. There is such a depth of heart riverberating throughout the whole track, a pathos of defiance and home-sickness, that I don't tire of listening to it. It's a song that almost makes you want to be heartbroken at their sadness, but the strength of their resolve prevents us—it is a song of not being beaten, even in the midst of such homeless, tragic sorrow. Even after so long.
The entire soundtrack ends beautifully with a track full of hope and home, Dreaming of Bag End, and personally, I think it is a wonderful ending. I felt that it was Middle Earth that I have again walked into, and that is a beautiful thing. Howard Shore did a marvelous job.

Now I know this seems a trifle contradictory to the brief review I left on my post on my viewing of The Hobbit. I agree that it is. After consideration, I can only guess that now having the soundtracks, and listening to them well, I was free to notice all these things I did like. And actually loved. Now I can only assume that I was so taken up with the movie, and the cast, and (I admit) critiquing and loving different aspects of the filming, that I didn't allow myself to just soak in it all as a whole. Perhaps I should have waited to make such a judgment after a second viewing, though I haven't been able to actually go again.

But I can say this now. The Hobbit soundtrack is worth every cent. It was a terrific Christmas present. (My precious). ;)

I hope you too will enjoy it! Here is a link to Amazon, where it is available:

Happy listening everyone, and I hope you all had a happy New Year!

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  1. Wow, I am glad I didn't get you The Hobbit soundtrack for Christmas like I wanted to! That would have awkward. ;)